Impasto Stone  


Using this unique material we have created a collection of stone finishes which have a surprising quality and depth.

  • Dimensions 0.25 – 1mm (plus an additional 1.25mm if using the reinforcing coat).
  • Material(s) Acrylic based plaster finishes.Acrylic based plaster finishes.
  • Colour(s) Our range is predominantly of neutral tones but we can and have created some innovative and inspired colour ranges within this line.
  • Finish/effect/texture Stone-like and smooth
  • Special features This finish offers a solution to projects with weight restrictions and natural stone is not an option.
  • Suitability/use Suitable for surfaces such as skimmed plasterboard and plastered masonry surfaces. MDF, glass, marble, concrete or GRG. Finishes are applied on site by Surfaceform craftsmen.