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Designed to perfection

For customers who take pride in having the best quality and design in their homes, it has to be Sunflex.

Sunflex is one of the world’s leading producers of specialist door systems, offering a wide range of products manufactured to your individual requirements. Every door system is expertly crafted by Sunflex in Germany, a company with over 25 years’ experience in design and manufacturing, making it one of the only truly German-designed and manufactured door systems available in the market today.

The ultimate in innovation

At Sunflex, we aim to give our customers high quality products that are ahead of their time. Our products combine superior thermal efficiency (U-Values) and weather tightness, the stunning modern appearance that our products are renowned for, and unique design features to enhance the pleasure of owning and operating a Sunflex door. With a Sunflex door, you can be sure of:

  • A smooth, easy and reliable operation
  • A high insulation value
  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • A high security door system
  • A great looking, stylish appearance.

Create that wow factor

We have an extensive range of products to suit any size of project, from our widely acclaimed folding and sliding door systems to our innovative slide and turn, and glass moveable wall solutions, which offer new and imaginative ways to enclose and open up space. We use modern square-edge profiles throughout our door and window systems to ensure a uniform aesthetic appearance is achieved throughout your project.

A multi-panel folding door is far more complex in its design and operation than more traditional door systems of the past. This places very high demands on the system design, the components used, and on correct installation.

At Sunflex, we have many years’ experience of overcoming the technical difficulties of producing these types of door systems. Together with our in-house training facility and the technical support that we have in place for our agents and installers, this gives us the confidence to promote Sunflex as the best overall package available in the market today.

Unique designs

Sunflex door systems offer true versatility. We have designed and perfected systems to open up corners of varying angles, and even to open around a curve, creating a unique look to your project.  Extended track options on our sliding doors allow the panels to slide either into or behind a wall to achieve a 100% complete opening. We also manufacture bespoke angled frames and over-lights that couple directly to our systems, including frameless glass-to-glass corners.

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