Heat pumps: WPC 04-13  


With a COP of up to 5.0, the WPC and WPC cool brine | water heat pumps are among the most efficient on the market. Its new design sets new standards, on the aesthetic as well as the technical front. 

  • Compact appliance with DHW and central heating functions
  • Excellent coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 5.0
  • The WPC cool version offers an additional cooling function
  • Heating flow temperature up to + 60 °C
  • Increased efficiency through integral HE circulation pumps
  • Particularly convenient to install, as the refrigerant circuit and cylinder module can be removed for handing
  • With WPM 3 heat pump manager for convenient operation
  • Can be controlled via a home network
  • Exemplary efficiency for low energy costs
  • Exemplary efficiency for low energy costs