Trolleylift range of larger service lifts  


The Trolleylift range is our answer to inbetween loads of up to 500kg. With floor level loading they are ideal for moving good on trolleys or in roll cages and saving your staff from manual handling awkward loads. Typically used in catering situations, pubs, clubs, bars, hotels, and often used in retail to repeatedly move stock. The Trolleylift really will be your extra pair of hands.


  • 250kg, 300kg and 500kg options offering a choice of entrance types.
  • installation in just 2-3 days for a 250kg lift, or 3-4 days for a 300kg lift and 8-10 days for a 500kg lift - all with minimal disruption.
  • installed either through the floor or adjacent to a mezzanine floor
  • builders work in 2 stages 
  • free survey and expert guidance with no obligation
  • structure supported for easy installation
  • up to 6 stops over a total distance of 18m
  • hinged doors as standard, concertina shutter leaf gate as an option
  • quiet and efficient high-power motor
  • easy-clean, hard wearing finish
  • robust push buttons, fully automatic control


  • Material(s) Constructed in mild steel, finished in a tough grey baked enamel.
  • Capacity 250HP: 250kg, 250CP: 250kg, 300HP: 300kg, 300HP (1975 High Car): 300kg, 300CP: 300kg, 500HP (Call for details)
  • Capacity 250HP: 250kg, 250CP: 250kg, 300HP: 300kg, 300HP (1975 High Car): 300kg, 300CP: 300KG, 500HP (Call for details)
  • Car dimensions 250HP: 1000†×950†×1175, 250CP: 1000†×950†×1175, 300HP: 1000†×950†×1175, 300HP (1975 High Car): 1000†×950†×1975, 300CP: 1000†×950†×1775, 500HP (Call for details)
  • Entrance dimensions 250HP: 770†×1090, 250CP: 770†×1090, 300HP: 770†×1690, 300HP (1975 High Car): 770†×1890, 300CP: 770†×1690, 500HP (Call for details)
  • Serving height FLOOR
  • Shaft size 1320×1320
  • Pit depth 250HP: 175*, 250CP: 175*, 300HP: 600*, 300HP (1975 High Car): 600*, 300CP: 600*, 500HP (Call for details)
  • Speed of travel 0.17m/s
  • Maximum travel Up to 6 stops over a total distance of 18m of travel.
  • Motor The 0.66kW is mounted at the top of the lift structure. The the smooth, quiet motor drives a high quality reduction gearbox fitted with a traction vee-sheave. An electro-magnetic disc brake is supplied, with emergency release mechanism. The reliable controller and counter-balance drive system ensure electrical consumption is minimal.
  • Power supply A 415V three phase supply is required for the lift and standard power socket within the motor compartment.
  • * Important Note – Pit & Headroom: The Trolleylift normally serves at floor level and would require a pit in the lowest floor. If you are unable to provide a pit the Trolleylift can be installed to serve at 175mm above the lowest floor and a ramp will need to be provided by your builder. A reduction in the pit depth on the 300kg to 175ml is possible on certain models, please contact us for more details
  • When the car is fitted with collapsible gates on a through or adjacent entry arrangement, the car width & depth are reduced by a further 50mm nominal.