Stannah Passenger Lifts: The Maxilift 2.0 Range  


The Stannah Maxilift passenger lift is ideal for low or medium rise buildings and for moderate use. It’s a simple cost effective hydraulic lift solution for your project. Our Stannah Maxilift passenger lifts offer reliability, safety and choice – in equal measures.

For 6-13 persons

Key benefits

  • Range of finishes available
  • Range of motor room options available
  • Minimum requirements for shaft pit dimensions: 1100mm
  • MRL hydraulic drive models with no machine room and a minimum requirement for a small cabinet. Conventional motor rooms and our motor room cabinet (MRC) can be supplied when required, both of which provide a lower cost solution and a slightly smaller shaft size
  • Exceptional levelling accuracy (± 3mm) and smooth ride
  • Single and through car entrances as standard, with adjacent entrances available on request
  • Choose from a traditional wall-mounted configuration or FX structure-supported lift. The FX structure option offers reduced construction costs compared to wall-mounted and is ideal for timber framed buildings.
  • Energy efficient options available
  • Part M and EN81-70 accessibility code compliant ensuring all our lifts are suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Manufactured to comply with EN 81-2, CE marked and in full compliance with The Lift Directive 95/16/EC
  • Vandal resistant Cat. 1, Cat. 2 (EN81-71)
  • Fire fighting (EN81-72)
  • Emergency fire evacuation (BS999)

  • Load 6 person: 450kg, 8 person: 630kg, 13 person 'stretcher': 1000kg, 13 person 'square': 1000kg
  • Width(s) 6 person: 1000mm, 8 person: 1100mm, 13 person 'stretcher': 1100mm, 13 person 'square': 1600mm
  • Depth(s) 6 person: 1250mm, 8 person: 1400mm, 13 person 'stretcher': 2100mm, 13 person 'square': 1400mm
  • Speed of travel up to 1.0 metres/s
  • Maximum travel up to 15 metres
  • Pit depth 1100mm