Stannah Moving Walkways  


The ST range of moving walkways form integrated horizontal and vertical transport systems that will enhance both the appearance and operation of any building or infrastructure development. A wide range of finishes and materials are available, as well as a selection of arrangements that perfectly match and complement their surroundings.

ST Inclined
Glass panel balustrade, with extra slim handrail guide frame, the ST Inclined perfectly matches environments such as supermarkets, shopping malls and airports.

ST Horizontal
Glass panel balustrade, with extra slim handrail guide frame, the ST Horizontal perfectly matches environment such as airports and train stations.

  • Truss The truss of the ST family of moving walkways is a welded structural steel construction designed to safely carry the passenger and mechanism loadings. To prevent hidden corrosion, all load bearing members of the truss comprises of open steel profile.
  • Pallet The pallet is made of one piece die-cast aluminium alloy with closely spaced cleats designed to provide a secure foothold. Silver painted die cast aluminium alloy, yellow synthetic resin demarcation line.
  • Handrail The handrail is a continuous band design manufactured of vulcanised rubber, factory spliced, with a multi-ply fabric core and steel cord reinforcement. The rubber composition used ensures that the handrail surface remains smooth and intact throughout its entire service life. The internal gliding surface has nylon webbing to minimise friction and wear.
  • Drive machine The motor is a three phase squirrel cage AC induction motor specifically developed for escalator and moving walkway service. The gear unit is worm gear type composed of precision steel worm and bronze worm gear. Gears and bearings are lubricated by an oil bath inside an oil tight housing. The reduction gear unit is connected to the step band main drive shaft by a duplex roller chain.
  • Brake The brake is designed to automatically stop the moving walkway whenever power is interrupted. To minimise wear and harsh braking, the control system monitors the speed of the pallet band and applies the brake only when it comes to a complete stop.
  • Comb Natural colour aluminium alloy. Optional yellow powder coated
  • Landing plate Stainless steel with black etched grooves. Optional aluminium alloy with black grooves Stainless steel with customised etched pattern and logo
  • Skirting Hairline stainless steel. Optional black or clear anti-friction coating
  • Decking Hairline finished stainless steel. Choice of various combination of stainless steel or brass with coloured, hairline or mirror finish.
  • Cladding Choice of various materials and finish e.g. stainless steel, glass, marble, etc.
  • Balustrade panel Clear, 10mm tempered safety glass. Choice of 4 other standard colours
  • Handrail Black, synthetic rubber, continuous vulcanised with steel cord reinforcement and nylon cord gliding surface. Choice of 11 other standard colours