Microlift Range of Dumbwaiters  


Our Microlift is Europe's best selling range of service lifts or dumb waiters. Most commonly refered to as kitchen lifts these little gems are invaluable in thousands of bars, pubs and restaurants right across the UK – and feature in many a grand private kitchen. Other applications include back of house in retail, taking the strain in libraries, stock rooms and sterile environments too. Versatile, essential lifting.


  • five 50kg and two 100kg models offering a wide choice of car sizes ‘off the shelf’
  • non-standard sizes are also available 
  • installation in just 1-2 days for a 2-floor lift, with minimal disruption
  • builders work in 2 stages
  • free survey and expert guidance with no obligation
  • structure supported for easy installation
  • ‘rise and fall’ shutters supplied as standard
  • hinged doors available as an option
  • interlocked entrances for extra safety
  • quiet and efficient high-power motor
  • easy-clean hard wearing finish
  • stainless steel available as an option
  • robust push buttons, fully automatic control
  • low headroom options available
  • bottom drive Microlift available
  • double decker Microlift available