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SolarShield Ltd

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Canada House 20/20 Business Park St Leonards Road Maidstone Kent ME16 0LS

Tel: 0845 130 6232 Fax: 0845 130 4187

Established in 1986, we are an industry-leading window treatment contractor and an approved accredited installer for the world’s largest manufacturers of window film including 3M,Eastman, Saint Gobain & Johnsons & we are Committed to product development and the latest glazing technology. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation and members of the Glass and Glazing Federation and Construction Line.

Why Solarshield?

  • We are a Family run Business, established by the current Managing Director in 1986, so are a very customer relationship oriented Company
  • Combined we have over 100 Years experience in the surveying & installation of window films & blinds, which is crucial in all requirements for the correct specification, for the highest performing Products in all aspects of our client’s needs.
  • As well as our full range of products we can also offer glazing assessment surveys & energy analysis surveys, (these can give you an excellent idea on how much you can save once a solar film is installed) both in energy saved on cooling & the costs associated with this.
  • Ordinary window glass cannot satisfy all the demands we place on it in terms of safety and security, privacy, comfort, and visual appearance, Solarshield have an answer for all of these problems
  • Winter heat loss through glass is an expensive waste of energy, just as summer solar heat and glare through glass cause irritation and inefficiency and also increased air conditioning costs, Solarshield’s window film can reduce these problems.
  • Sunshine through ordinary glass causes UV fading of colour pigments in everything from shop displays and furniture to works of art, our excellent range of professionally installed clear-view films, cut out the UV & also heat, so reducing this harmful effect & are invisible once installed 
  • Windows allow unwanted intrusion of privacy, whether casual voyeurs or criminals using electro-magnetic induction techniques to steal computer data
  • Glass is often the weak point attacked by vandals or burglars, or damaged by storms & in today’s volatile climate a weak point in the event of an explosion or Bomb Blast, the Solarshield range of high Security films & edge retention systems can offer protection from these problems.

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