KME TECU copper and copper alloys  


Copper and Copper Alloys by KME TECU
TECU® is the brand name for quality roof and façade copper manufactured by KME. TECU® copper alloys provide stunning effects, colours, quality and texture to deliver the ultimate expression of cladding style, as well as providing complete protection against the harshest of elements.


  • Highly versatile with a variety of colours and weathering effects
  • 100+ year life expectancy
  • 100% recyclable, non-toxic material with high recycled content
  • BRE A/A+ rating
  • Maintenance free – self-cleaning with natural rainfall
  • Excellent workability, even at low temperatures
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective and adds value and desirability to developments

Bright Copper (TECU Classic)

Bright new architectural copper. TECU® Classic sheet and coil starts off with a bright and shiny copper surface. After installation, it develops a matt, dark brown surface due to natural weathering and oxidation. During initial weathering, before the dark brown oxidised layer is established on the copper’s surface, a range of brown shades and even purplish hues can develop. On inclined cladding areas, the oxide layers are transformed by more intensive reaction to airborne substances and moisture, and coloured alkaline copper compounds form. A ‘typical copper’ patina green develops over time. This lends the building an unmistakeable accent, and the protective nature of the patina layer contributes to the material’s outstanding longevity.

Pre Oxidised (TECU Oxid)
Resembles the oxidised matt brown surface that gradually develops via natural weathering and oxidation. The copper coils are pre-oxidised at the factory on both sides in a special industrial process. The brown oxide surface continues to develop after installation; it becomes matt and transforms through dark brown colours, yielding the rich dark brown hues of oxidised copper to the facade. On inclined cladding areas, a patina green, typical for copper, develops through the influences of airborne substances and moisture.

Bronze (TECU Bronze)
An alloy of copper and tin, offers an outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability, as well as exceptional stability and material rigidity. The original warm reddish-brown colour develops distinctively through weathering. Typical for this alloy is a brown-red oxidation of the surface with brown-grey undertones; the material gradually changes to dark brown anthracite throughout.

Golden to Warm Brown (TECU Brass)
TECU® Brass is created by blending a special alloy of copper and zinc which creates an extremely robust façade material that changes dramatically when exposed to the atmosphere. Weathering changes the original reddish golden colour of TECU® Brass; after the initial matting the surface takes on a greenish brown tone, which slowly turns greyish brown before evolving into a dark brown-anthracite colour.

Blue/Green Copper (TECU Patina)
Using a specially developed industrial process, TECU® copper sheets are pre-weathered green on one side. This process causes an oxidised layer to form on the surface on the copper – a process similar to the natural patination that occurs over a long period of time when copper is exposed to atmospheric conditions. Colouring continually changes on exposure to the elements.

Gold (TECU Gold)
TECU® Gold is a new copper-aluminium alloy for façade cladding which offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as exceptional stability and material rigidity. The gold oxidises very soon after it has been installed on the building – gradually forming a striking warm golden surface.