Hydrostop AH-25 Liquid Waterproofing  


Exclusive to SIG Design and Technology, Hydrostop AH-25 liquid waterproofing system is fast-curing, easy to apply and delivers superior performance. It’s a wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing product that’s fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. Free of solvents and isocyanates, AH-25 has significant advantages over conventional liquid roofing systems.

There’s no need to disrupt building occupancy, so Hydrostop AH-25 has great customer appeal. As there’s no heat, flames or hazardous chemicals on site, it’s ideal for sensitive projects such as schools, hospitals and food production facilities.

In complex roofs AH-25 is ideal in tackling complex detailing especially where there’s a lot of roof-mounted plant, or on balconies which would be difficult to detail neatly.  It’s suitable for refurbishment and repair work where access or power is the problem. AH-25 can also be applied to combined pitched and flat roof applications of S1-S4 (<5% to >30%).

This high performance liquid can be installed to inverted roofs where the membrane is laid under the insulation and ballast, e.g. roof gardens. AH-25 liquid waterproofing is root resistant and FLL approved, so can be used for green roofs.

An alternative to single ply in some applications and with custom colours to order, the AH-25 system is BBA certified, fire tested to meet Building Regulations and accepted by NHBC. A 25 year warranty from SIG plc is extendable, so AH-25’s longevity can mirror the lifespan of building.

No additional respiratory PPE needs to be worn at installation. The liquid has a very low VOC content, is fume free and virtually odourless. It can also be applied at <5% to >30% and at surface temperatures down to 0°C. Convenient and ready to use, there’s no waste as it’s a single liquid product.