Sieger Juliet Balcony: Associated Glazing  


The Sieger® Juliet Balcony is a new contemporary system that creates a beautifully minimalistic finish to maximise the surrounding views with little visual interruption.

The large laminated pane of glass is fixed onto the external frame of the window or door system with an aluminium fixing (that can be PPC in a RAL colour to match the door/window frame) for a seamless finish. This Juliet balcony system is unique due to the fixing method that creates a near invisible finish to the external facade of the building.

Max. Height: 1200mm

Fixing Options: Various fixing options including, over slab assembly and flush slab assembly

Glazing Options: 12 glazing options available

Finish: Minimalistic  

Frame: Powder Coating in all RAL colours, can match frame of door/window system

Imposed Loads for Buildings: Class 1 in accordance with EN 1991-1-1:2002