Sieger Balustrade System: Associated Glazing  


The Sieger® Balustrade System is a minimally framed solution for all glass balustrade installations.

The aluminium base fixing is available in three types to suit your building structure and can be designed to be hidden by building finishes. All glass is toughened laminated glass for outstanding levels of strength and security that can achieve a line load of up to 3kN.

Line Loads: from 0.74 kN to 3kN line loadings

Base Fixing: available in 3 designs including over slab fixing, slab edge fixing and offset over slab fixing

Handrail: minimal aluminium channel, from 16-20mm tall

Max Height: up to 1.1m above finished floor level 

Glass Specification: toughened laminated glass pane, designed for the line loading requirements, up to 21.52mm thick