Casement Doors : Casement Doors  


The Sieger Casement Doors can be fabricated into a range of configurations including a single opening door, a double door and French or Belgium doorsets (with fixed sidelights). The elegant aluminium frames create a contemporary finish whilst the inbuilt thermal break and insulated glass ensures high levels of performance. The aluminium frame can be finished in a wide range of RAL colours to produce the required design. This casment door can be used in conjuction with any of our other aluminium products for a full glazing package.  

Sightline: 147mm across vent and frame

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 1.8 W/m2K 

Security: PAS 24 Compliant 

Max Opening Size: 1.4m wide x 3m high for single door

Configurations: single door, double door, French Door, Belgium Door, doors with overlights

Glass Specification: glass thickness 25-34mm, maximum weight 150kg per unit

Weather Protection: fully tested, air (2), water (5A), wind (C3)