40 Lantern Rooflight : Roof Glazing  


Create a beautiful ingress of natural light into a property with the installation of a Sieger 40 Lantern Rooflight. The beautifully slim aluminium frames allow lots of natural light straight down into the living or working space below, resulting in a bright and airy internal space. Our lantern rooflight can measure an impressive maximum width of 5 metres. Various opening elements can be integrated within the design to provide ventilation during warmer months.

Sightline: 40mm 

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 0.7 W/m2K 

Snow Loading: up to 1.4 kN/m2 

Max. Size: up to 5m wide

Opening Elements: integrated venting rooflights possible

Glass Specification: up to 24mm thick insulated glazing, options for triple glazing and solar control glass

Colours: framing finish black, white or grey, possible dual colour options