Schluter Tile Profiles  


Tiling edge profiles are where it all began for Schlüter-Systems, when in 1975, founder Werner Schlüter introduced the world to Schlüter®-SCHIENE. Since then, the range has expanded to include all manner of different profiles to suit various applications.

Edge profiles for floor coverings

Tile and stone coverings on floors are subjected to mechanical impact on a regular basis. Edge profiles provide protection and finishing for the covering material:

  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE, the original finishing threshold strip (or diminishing profile), is used in cases where the adjoining surfaces are of similar heights. As well as tile and stone surfaces, it can also be used in conjunction with other covering materials and applications. All products within the range (with the exception of Schlüter®-SCHIENE-E) feature an integrated spacer for the creation of a neat grout joint
  • Schlüter®-RENO threshold strips (or diminishing profiles) create a smooth transition between adjoining floor coverings of different heights, protecting the exposed tile edge.

Corner & edge profiles for walls

Schlüter-Systems produces a variety of corner and edge profiles to create a highly durable and decorative finishing for wall coverings and skirtings made of tile and natural stone:

  • ·         Schlüter®-JOLLY, Schlüter®-RONDEC, and Schlüter®-QUADEC (square, curved and cubed profiles respectively) provide finishing and protection for external wall corners and other tiled edges.
  • Schlüter®-TRENDLINE offers trend-inspired finishes for the -JOLLY, -RONDEC & -QUADEC profile series. A selection of finishes—ranging from ivory, to greige, to rustic brown—is available, in true-to-the-touch textures.
  • The decorative Schlüter®-DESIGNLINE and Schlüter®-QUADEC-FS border profiles can be used in conjunction with -JOLLY, -RONDEC and -QUADEC to create designer accent bands within tiled installations.

Stair nosing profiles

The edges of stairs are exposed to heavy mechanical stresses, resulting in installation failure, and represent a high risk for injuries. Offering slip-resistant design and excellent visibility, Schlüter®-TREP stair nosings and stair trim profiles improve safety and protection, whilst also providing an attractive finish.

Movement & Control Joint Profiles

The movement joints, expansion joints and control joint profiles of our Schlüter®-DILEX series offer maintenance-free and functional solutions for all relevant movement joints in tile coverings. The range includes profile types for movement joints, expansion joints and control joints, as well as edge and transition movement and expansion joints.

Further information and technical details on edge profiles for wall and floor coverings can be found at

  • Anti-fall protection, category Schluter stair nose profiles offer anti-slip properties
  • Durability Schluter profiles over excellent durability and protection of tile edges