Schlüter Balcony & Terrace Systems  


What is it?

The Schlüter balcony system provides comprehensive product assortment of matching finishing profiles and gutters as well as drainage, uncoupling, and waterproofing systems. All aspects of balcony and terrace construction are provided for through the main product ranges listed below.

Available product solutions

Balcony & Terrace Drainage Systems

The targeted drainage of moisture to the drainage plane is one of the most important tasks to be addressed in balcony and terrace construction. Schlüter offers a variety of products to achieve this:

Schlüter®-DITRA-DRAIN is the first and only passive capillary bonded drainage system for tile and natural stone coverings. The material is installed in exterior areas into thin bed adhesive over a sloped waterproofing assembly, such as Schlüter®-KERDI or another suitable proprietary waterproofing system.

·         Schlüter®-TROBA is a separation and drainage layer for use above a horizontal waterproofing layer and below a screed or gravel layer. It consists of a pressure-stable polyethylene sheet with perforated studs for reliable drainage. Tile applications above screeds require the installation of Schlüter®-DITRA 25 as an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane.

·         Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS /-G is a durable and reliable sub-surface drainage system that prevents the possibility of capillary action. The closely positioned, cone shaped studs can withstand heavy loads and are covered by a water permeable fleece webbing. The studded mat raises the entire surface assembly, creating a continuous drainage area. Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS 8G is especially suitable for combination with drainage screeds.

·         Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TL/-TLR/-TLR-E is a stainless steel drainage channel that can be placed at low levels to doorsills or wall connections on balconies and terraces to prevent water accumulation. This can also be used as an area drainage channel.

·         Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-MR are plastic rings that provide assistance in laying large format pavers on balconies and terraces. The 25 mm high plastic rings are positioned at the cross joints where the pavers meet and filled with mortar.

·         Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-DR are formwork rings for thin bed mortar onto Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS. After the installation of the thin bed mortar, the rings can either remain in place or be removed and reused.

Uncoupling Membranes

Schlüter®-DITRA has been a proven solution for uncoupling and bonded waterproofing since 1987. The range contains a number of matting variants to satisfy different requirements:

·         Schlüter®-DITRA 25 is a polyethylene mat with square, dovetailed recesses and an anchoring fleece laminated to the underside. In conjunction with tiled coverings, Schlüter®-DITRA 25 forms an uncoupling, waterproofing and vapour pressure equalisation layer.

·         Schlüter®-DITRA-DRAIN is a safe and permanently effective passive capillary drainage system for floor assemblies. The material is installed in exterior areas into thin bed adhesive over a sloped waterproofing assembly, such as Schlüter®-KERDI or other suitable proprietary waterproofing systems.

·         Schlüter®-DITRA-SOUND is a bonded impact sound insulation layer for tile coverings, made of a heavy polyethylene mat, which has an anchoring fleece laminated on both sides. It offers impact sound insulation, crack bridging and load distribution.

Drainage solutions

The drainage solutions of Schlüter-Systems are a precise match for bonded waterproofing assemblies made with Schlüter®-KERDI and -DITRA 25. In combination, these products ensure that moisture kept away from the building structure and drains away to the intended place.

·         Schlüter®-BARIN is a gutter system for balconies and terraces. All required accessories (e.g. mounting screws, internal and external corners, connectors, end caps, outlets, down pipes and spouts) are included.

·         Schlüter®-KERDI-DRAIN is a floor drainage system for installation with Schlüter®-KERDI or other bonded waterproof membranes.

·         Schlüter®-KERDI-DRAIN-SP-E is a stainless steel spout for draining balconies and terraces that are enclosed by a parapet. Schlüter®-KERDI collar is attached to the large adhesive flange as a waterproofing connection. This allows for simple and safe connections to waterproofing assemblies.

Balcony finishing profiles

The edges of balconies and terraces are consistently exposed to the weather. Schlüter®-BARA edge profiles combine neat appearance with effective protection of these areas. With just a few steps, the corresponding profiles can be attached to the gutter system Schlüter® BARIN.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RKK / -RKKE are T-shaped finishing profiles with a short overhang drip edge for installation over finished sloped screeds.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-HV is an adhesive tape of polyethylene with anchoring fleece on the front side and a self-adhesive butyl coating on the backside. It is can be used to create an adhesive flange for the formation of reliable waterproof connections between the bonded waterproofing assembly Schlüter®-KERDI and the edge of a Schlüter®-BARA-RKL profile.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-FAP is a profile for covering the front edges of cantilevered balconies.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-ESOT is a skirting support profile made of stainless steel, which is used in applications where there is no load bearing substrate available for the skirting tiles.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RAK is a colour coated aluminium balcony edging profile with a drip edge. It is fitted to the edges of finished inclined surfaces to form both an edging and a drip edge.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-R is a T-shaped edging profile made of coloured aluminium, for use the exposed perimeters of balconies and terraces.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RAKE/-RAKEG is a finishing profile for exposed edges of covering assemblies on balconies and terraces with existing sloped screeds. Schlüter®-BARA-RAKE is especially suited for assemblies incorporating the bonded drainage mat Schlüter®- DITRA-DRAIN. The perforated outer edges give the outer perimeter of tiled areas a neat appearance.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RAM is a colour coated aluminium edging profile with an edge lip, for use on balconies and terraces. The profile is installed during application of the sloped screed, for which it can be used as a screeding guide.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RAP is a finishing profile of stainless steel or colour coated aluminium. It is used in conjunction with the carrier profile Schlüter®-BARA-RW to cover the exposed (lateral) edges of balconies and terraces.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RK is a T-shaped finishing profile. The front section features an overhanging drip edge which covers the Schlüter®-TROBA sub-surface drainage layer.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RKB is a T-shaped finishing profile for coatings. The front finishing leg has a protruding drip lip.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RKL & Schlüter®-BARA-RKLT are angled edge profiles with drainage holes made of colour coated aluminium. They are especially suited for large format pavers, which are either installed loosely over gravel/crushed stone or pedestal constructions.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RT is a T-shaped finishing profile of colour coated aluminium for covering exposed edges of balconies and terraces. The top leg covers the edge of the assembly while the lower leg forms a drip edge and hides the joint with the Schlüter®-TROBA area drainage mat.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RTK is an edging profile with a drip edge for floor assemblies that have an existing sloped screed. The profile features a T shaped chamber for attaching the Schlüter®- BARIN gutter system. Tiles may also be installed with an overhang. As an alternative, a Schlüter®- JOLLY profile can be installed over the grooved transition to the drip lip to protect the edge of the tile.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RTKE is an edging profile with drip edge for floor assemblies that have an existing sloped screed. The profile features a T shaped chamber for attaching the Schlüter®-BARIN gutter system. Schlüter®-BARA-RTKE is especially suited for assemblies with the bonded drainage mat Schlüter®- DITRA-DRAIN. The perforated outer edges give the outer perimeter of tiled areas a neat appearance.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RTP is an edging profile for attaching the Schlüter®-BARIN gutter system, which can be retrofitted to the exposed edges of existing balcony and terrace structures.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RW is an angular profile of stainless steel or colour coated aluminium for finishing the exposed perimeters of balconies and terraces.

·         Schlüter®-BARA-RWL is an edging profile with drainage holes, made of colour coated aluminium for use on balconies and terraces. It is particularly suitable for finishing coverings on balconies and terraces that are set directly onto a gravel layer or pedestals.

Movement and control joint profiles

The profiles of the Schlüter®- DILEX series offer maintenance-free and functional solutions for all relevant movement joints in balconies and terraces. The profiles are weatherproof and temperature-resistant. For outdoor areas, we recommend the profiles Schlüter®-DILEX-KS, -EF, -EKE, -EK, -RF and -BWB. All movement joints are installed together with the tiles.

·         Schlüter®-DILEX-EK is a two-part corner profile made of recycled, rigid PVC and soft CPE, with a tongue and groove connection and an integrated joint chamber for durable, flexible and maintenance-free perimeter joints between floors and walls or floors and skirtings.

·         Schlüter®-DILEX-EKE is a corner movement profile that effectively absorbs movement at internal wall corners and at wall-to-floor transitions in applications where no large degree of movement is expected.

·         Schlüter®-DILEX-BWB is a movement joint profile with side sections of rigid, recycled plastic. The top movement zone is made of soft CPE and creates the 10mm-wide visual surface.

·         Schlüter®-DILEX-KS is a movement profile with edge protection consisting of lateral anchoring legs made of aluminium or stainless steel, which are connected to a replaceable movement zone made of soft rubber.

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