Schellevis slabs  


The Schellevis slab (without bevel) has a natural appearance. It has a basalt texture, which means there is an open structure on the face. The Schellevis slab is available in various sizes and can be used for all kind of applications and weight loads such as: terraces, driveways or public spaces. The Schellevis slab is also suitable as roof tile. The tile with the size: 50x50x2.2 cm is available in grey and anthracite and is specially made for the interior.

  • Dimensions 20x20x5, 20x20x7, 40x40x5, 40x40x7,50x50x2.2, 50x50x5, 50x50x7, 60x40x5, 60x40x7, 60x60x5, 60x60x7, 80x40x5, 80x80x5, 80x80x10, 100x100x5, 100x100x8, 100x100x10, 100x100x12, 120x120x7, 120x120x12, 150x120x10, 240x120x12
  • Colour(s) Anthracite, Grey, Carbon, Red-Brown, Yellow
  • Suitability/use terraces, driveways or public spaces