Ronafix for Waterproofing  


Ronafix is a high performance site batched, water based, polymer for producing waterproof renders. The cured mortar bonds monolithically to concrete and other surfaces and will resist both positive and negative pressure. Ronafix is used in swimming pools, tanks and basements to contain or exclude water. 

Ronafix has been tested by the British Board of Agrement for its waterproofing properties and a certificate has been issued for the application of external renders.

For damp proofing walls use Ronafix as a thin bonded render to resist moisture and the passage of hygroscopic salts. Ronafix provides improved chemical resistance and is therefore suitable for use in bunds and storage areas where chemicals are present.

There are 2 mix designs when using Ronafix as a waterproof render. Ronafix Mix Design A is used for weatherproofing and Ronafix Mix Design E is used for tanking.


  • Compressive strength Mix A = 38N/mm² at 1 day, 45N/mm² at 3 days, 56N/mm² at 7 days, 70N/mm² at 28 days; Mix E = 38N/mm² at 1 day, 45N/mm² at 3 days, 56N/mm² at 7 days. 70N/mm² at 28 days
  • Tensile strength Mix A: 5.0N/mm² at 7 days, 7.1N/mm² at 28 days; Mix E: 5.7N/mm² at 7 days, 8.4N/mm² at 28 days
  • Flexural strength Mix A: 12.9N/mm² at 7 days, 16.2N/mm² at 28 days; Mix E: 15.8N/mm² at 7 days, 19.1N/mm² at 28 days
  • Suitability/use Thin bonded render, screed and cove; Basements, swimming pools, ponds, tanks, bunds, lift shafts Internal and external application; Suitable for use on concrete, brickwork, blocks, render
  • Special features Waterproof (mix design E), Weatherproof (mix design A), Frostproof, High compressive strength, High tensile strength, High flexural strength, Pre-packed for increased confidence, Can be laid from 6mm