Ronafix for Concrete Repairs  


Ronafix is a high strength polymer additive for mortars for repairing concrete and enhancing the protection of steel reinforcement. It is strong, durable and resistant to water and frost attack.

Ronafix has been tested by the British Board of Agrement as a concrete repair mortar admixture and was awareded a certificate based on its performance.

There are 2 mix designs when using Ronafix as a concrete repair mortar. Ronafix Mix Design A is used for concrete repairs where there is no exposed steel reinforcement and Ronafix Mix Design D is used where any reinforcement is exposed.

  • Compressive strength Mix A = 38N/mm² at 1 day, 45N/mm² at 3 days, 56N/mm² at 7 days, 70N/mm² at 28 days; Mix D = 22N/mm² at 1 day, 34N/mm² at 3 days, 42N/mm² at 7 days. 53N/mm² at 28 days
  • Tensile strength Mix A = 5.0N/mm² at 7 days, 7.1N/mm² at 28 days; Mix D: 5.7N/mm² at 7 days, 8.4N/mm² at 28 days
  • Flexural strength Mix A = 12.9N/mm² at 7 days, 16.2N/mm² at 28 days; Mix D: 15.8N/mm² at 7 days, 19.1N/mm² at 28 days