Ronafix for Bedding Mortars  


Ronafix for bedding mortars from Ronacrete is a high strength polymer additive for mortars for bedding brick slips and bonding copings and other building components to concrete and suitable building surfaces. It is strong, durable and resistant to water and frost attack. 

Ronafix has been tested by the British Board of Agrement for bonding brick slips and a certificate has been issued.

Ronafix for bedding mortars bonds effectively to asphalt and bitumen and unlike epoxy or polyester bedding mortars will not soften or denature the substrate.


  • Compressive strength 50N/mm² (after 28 days)
  • Bond strength >2.0N/mm²
  • Consumption rate 140 litres per m³
  • Suitability/use Bonding brick slips, copings, full bricks, kerbs, setts; Bonds to concrete, asphalt, bitumen, render, brick, tiles, marine ply; Thin section bedding; General purpose bedding and bonding Internal and external application