ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab ®  


ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab ® is a dual density insulation board comprising a robust outer surface and a resilient inner face which has been designed for use in conditions of severe climatic exposure. When installed Rainscreen Duo Slab ® will knit together when tightly butt jointed, eliminating extraneous heat loss that can be caused through gaps in some insulations. Because of its unique dual density construction Rainscreen Duo Slab ® requires fewer fixings, thus providing a cost effective solution in over cladding applications. ROCKWOOL ventilated facades are suitable for a wide range of building types. Our large selection of cladding types offers unlimited grid geometries, material choices, and effects. Complimentary products include ROCKPANEL - please visit for information.


  • Euroclass A1 non-combustible, ideal for buildings above 18 meters
  • High resistance to wind and rain
  • Fewer fixings required for installation when compared to standard stone wool slabs
  • Robust front face resists damage and over-driving of fixings
  • Cost effective solution for over cladding applications