The Remeha R-Gen Combined Heat and Power (CHP) range is the sustainable solution to providing highly-efficient heat and power for applications with consistent heating and electricity.

The R-Gen NG converts gas into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use - operating at higher efficiency levels than traditional generation, delivering a primary energy saving of up to 30% and up to 20% reduction in emissions.

R-Gen 20/44 NG and 50/100 NG models can achieve outstanding total-fuel efficiencies of 103-104%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60% and primary energy consumption by up to 40%.

Features and Benefits:                                                                                                                         

  • Extremely efficient, lower operating costs, more sustainable operation
  • Low CO2 and NOx emissions – supports environmental legislation
  • Remote monitoring and control - Greater visibility
  • 5.5kWe, 20kWe and 50kWe condensing units - Achieve even higher efficiencies of up to 104%
  • Suitable for new build and existing buildings with year-round heat and electrical demands - Flexible solution to sustainable heat and power
  • Low noise starting from 48 dBA max at 1m - Quiet operation
  • For single use, cascade or in conjunction with condensing boilers - Versatile solution to energy-efficient, low carbon heat and power generation.

At this link you can find all the technical information:  https://www.remeha.co.uk/products/chp