Quinta Pro  


The Quinta Pro is a market leading series of high-efficiency wall-hung condensing boilers with low NOx emissions. The extremely compact design enables individual installation or as part of a multi-boiler cascade or rig system.

The Quinta Pro is suitable for use on sealed systems and open-vented installations and perfect for both new and retrofit installations.

Features and Benefits:                                                

  • Available in 30, 45, 65, 90 and 115kW models.
  • High-efficiency boiler up to 95% Gross Calorific Value (GCV) at 50/30 - greater than average energy savings
  • Small dimensions and lightweight design - easy to install in smaller spaces
  • Low Class 5 NOx emissions levels from 29mg/kWh (0% O2, dry) - Low pollutant emissions meet environmental regulations including BREEAM
  • Premix down-firing gas burner and one-piece cast aluminium heat exchanger - clean, trouble-free operation
  • LED illuminating casing air box, removable front panel, digital display, data file for storing information and remote signalling options - improved ease of operation and maintenance
  • Modulating 18-100%, OT Open Therm, Control 0-10V signal or volt free - effective, space-saving solution for greater design flexibility
  • Quiet operation less than 59dBA - improved comfort
  • For use with Natural Gas and LPG (Quinta Pro 90 requires a conversion kit) - flexible solution to energy-saving heating
  • The NEW QUINTA ACE range will replace the QUINTA PRO range


At this link you can find all the technical information: https://www.remeha.co.uk/products/wall-hung-range/quinta-pro