HIU Range  


Available as an indirect twin HIU, the range incorporates electronic and thermostatically controlled valves and works at low temperatures to maximise efficiencies. They integrate with Remeha’s offering of low carbon and condensing technologies to provide a low carbon plant room, optimising the opportunities Heat Networks can provide.

HIUs are suitable for retrofit or new build applications and further flexibility is offered with a range of optional accessories such as a jig/frame which can be installed at first fix phase.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 4 different models
  • Operates at low return temperatures – distribution pipework losses are significantly reduced. Allows centralised low or zero carbon technology to maximize efficiency, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Compatible with low carbon energy centres, for example, condensing heating and Combined Heat and Power products – complements the rest of the Remeha product suite to ensure easy operation and maximum fuel efficiency/performance.
  • Variable output from one single unit – the HIU meets the demand of a range of dwelling sizes and requirements.
  • Intelligent internal control to maximise efficiencies of heat leading to lower potential fuel usage
  • Domestic hot water plate pre-heat function for faster response to domestic hot water demand providing improved comfort for the end user.
  • Self-modulating control valve actuators – ease of use – a simple and intuitive technology
  • Differential pressure control valve as standard – increased comfort and efficiencies, allowing uniform primary flow.

At this link you can find all the technical information: https://www.remeha.co.uk/products/hiu-range