Gas 110 Eco  


The Gas 110 Eco provides maximum energy efficiency and the Remeha weather compensator options ensure the boiler closely the system demand. Conventional and room-sealed flue system capability enables the boiler to be sited almost anywhere within a building.

Features and benefits :

  • Available in 2 different models
  • High-efficiency boiler up to 99% GCV - higher than average energy savings
  • Extremely compact - particularly suitable for retrofit applications
  • Low Class 5 NOx emission levels from 32mg/kWh (0% 02, dry) - low pollutant emissions meeting all environmental legislation
  • Premix gas burner and one-piece cast aluminium heat exchanger - clean, trouble-free operation
  • Cleanable heat exchanger - as with all Quinta models - Dry side can be examined and descaled. Cleaning tool and gaskets available
  • Modulating 18-100%, OT Open therm, Control 0-10V signal or volt free - advanced boiler and calorifier control for maximum efficiency
  • Cascade/modular packages for up to six boilers - effective space saving solution for greater design flexibility
  • Ultra quiet operation less than 48 dBA - improved comfort
  • For use with Natural Gas and LPG (115kW requires a conversion kit) - flexible solution to energy saving heating
  • Digital diagnostic display and remote signalling options - easy operation and maintenance

At this link you can find all the technical information: