Tenant Valve: 3/4" - 1.1/4" FBSP Sizes available  


The concept of the Tenant Valve Assembly was born out of the fact that most multi unit buildings, be they residential or commercial, require that an isolating valve and a double check valve be fitted at the entrance to the unit, and in a high proportion of cases it is common practice to install pressure reducing valves and water meters at this point as well. The concept is simple: if all these valves are being fitted anyway, why not incorporate them into one compact unit that can be fitted quickly and easily?

  • Consists of a ball type isolating valve, pressure reducing valve, double check valve, pressure guage/test point and a connection for RWC single jet water meter.
  • Single unit cartridge design ensue quick and easy installation.
  • Reduced leak potential and easy maintenance, saving cost.
  • Supplied pre-insulated further reducing time and cost.
  • For use up to 16 bar pressure and temperatures up to 80oC.
  • Adjustable between 1.0-6.0 bar.
  • Adaptor available to allow installation of a class 'D' meter suitable for use as a primary charging meter.
  • Supplied complete with FBSP connections and a moulded insulation protection box with identity label. 

  • Accessories Class A Water meters also available