Von Duprin Escape Hardware: 99 Series  


Panic Exit Hardware from Relcross is designed with the emphasis on both safety and security. From 1st January 2010 it became mandatory for all exit devices to comply with the latest revisions of EN1125 (Public Buildings) or EN179 (Low Occupancy - Trained Personnel) and CE marking. According to EN1125 the length of the panic exit device should be as near as possible the effective width of the opening and not less than 60% of the width of the opening.

Escape Hardware selections offered from Von Duprin's extensive range of locking arrangements will suit all single action escape doors. Von Duprin accessories allow the inclusion of mechanical and electrical features controlling all aspects of both access and safe egress at the door.
Panic Exit Devices have a primary purpose to protect life by providing free egress from rooms and buildings for all occupants at all times.

Von Duprin Panic Exit Devices from Relcross are designed for easy operation, even in the dark. Independent testing ensures all Von Duprin Panic Exit Devices are easily operable by small children and the physically impaired.

Von Duprin Exit Hardware is suitable for both new installations and retrofit situations.

Optional electrical features include: