Keylex Digital Locks: K2100  


Digital locks can be used on any door where access control is a requirement. Correct lock specification is determined, in the main, by the 
desired level of security.

Our range comprises Heavy Duty and Standard Duty products organised into High Security, Medium Security and Low Security solutions. The K2100 and K800 locks have been independently tested to BS8607.

In almost all security and access control situations, it is a requirement of authorised users that they have the facility to open the door from a point close at hand. Our comprehensive range of Mechanical Digital Locks and PIN Code Locks will provide solutions for all your commercial and residential needs. Every electronic and mechanical lock within the range combines the locking of the door with the means of override.

All our mechanical digital locks incorporate robust proven lock cases and latches and are designed for doors where authorised users are issued with a common code. 

Our stand alone electronic digital solutions employ sophisticated patented technology with robust proven lock cases from the world’s leading manufacturers.

GVA tests on Relcross Keylex products were carried out by Sold Secure, the test house of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), and the Keylex 2100 and 800 now have independent test reports stating that they have met the GVA requirements of level 3 of BS 8607. Now the first tests have been carried out it is only a matter of time before we start to see level 4 or 4AL products emerge that can be fitted to peoples' homes safely.