QuickAir domestic ventilation  


What is a QuickAir ventilation?
The QuickAir domestic ventilation is a decentralised ventilation system and contributes to a healthy room climate. With its heat recovery of up to 90%, it works very energy efficient and will make sure that very little heat is lost.

Thermal insulation and ventilation
Thermal insulation such as exterior insulation ensures a lower air exchange and thus increased humidity and pollutant concentration. This can lead to damp walls and mould growth and therefore health risks. To avoid these risks, rooms need to be ventilated.

The benefits of controlled domestic ventilation
This process is automated with a technical solution like the QuickAir domestic ventilation: stale air, heat loss and forgetting of the airing are things of the past. As another gain in comfort, the controlled domestic ventilation also serves as noise protection, because street noise no longer drifts through the open windows.

Up to 90% heat recovery
During the exhaust phase, the spent air is directed to the outside, while the integrated heat accumulator absorbs its heat. During the air feed phase, fresh external air is led into the room while the heat accumulator emits the previously stored heat. In this way, a heat recovery of up to 90% is achieved. In the summer, the heat accumulator can be deactivated, thus cooler exterior air is led into the room at night.

Efficient joint operation
In order to ensure a proper cross-ventilation, the QuickAir domestic ventilation should be operated in pairs. This also prevents positive and negative pressure. A QuickAir controller can control op to six units and thus three pairs.

Retrofitting without complex ducts
Common ventilations require a complex duct system and are mostly used in new buildings. Herkömmliche Lüftungen verfügten über ein komplexes Kanalsystem und werden daher zumeist im Neubau eingesetzt. They can be retrofitted only with great effort, this is hardly possible in old buildings. A decentralised QuickAir ventilation, however, can be installed seperately for each room.

Low maintenance
In conventional ventilation ducts, residues such as dust and lint gather in the course of time, their removal requires great effort. This is eliminated when using a decentralised ventilation: heat accumulator and filter can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced. Furthermore, the QuickAir room ventilation has a built-in slope, so that condensate is always led outward.

  • Air flow (m3/hr) 15 | 20 | 30 | 40 m³/h
  • Sound Power Level (dBA) 12 | 18 | 22 | 30 dB(A)