GreenLine underfloor heating  


GreenLine underfloor heating
GreenLine is an underfloor heating system for floating floor in dry construction. It is quick to install and offers a low construction height from 30 mm. Due to its low inertness, GreenLine is a fast responding & energy-saving heating system.

Sustainable construction
The GreenLine underfloor heating consists of pressure-stable wood fibre boards, the so-called system panels, and combines efficient heating with comfort. Therefore, you don't have to renounce the comfort of an underfloor heating when building with renewable materials.

System panels from wood fibre
GreenLine system panels are easy-to-lay and can be customised to the room with little use of tools. The system panels have integrated insulation from wood firbe and predefined pipe ducts. This allows low installation heights from 30 mm with strong stability.

Ideal for retrofitting
Due to its height of only 30 mm, the GreenLine underfloor heating is especially suitable for an environment-friendly refurbishment. The underfloor heating can be easily retrofitted.

Even distribution of heat
The aluminium coating of the system panels ensures an even, quick and energy saving transfer of heat to the floor covering. The rising radiant heat of the underfloor heating warms the entire room evenly. This creates a comfortable climate and of course ensures warm feet.

Predefined pipe ducts
Due to the predefined pipe ducts of the GreenLine system panels, the laying clearances of 166 mm always remain the same size . Not only does this facilitate the laying of the underfloor heating, it also ensures an even distribution of heat.

High energy efficiency
The GreenLine underfloor heating only requires low flow temperatures. Wood fibre insulation and aluminium coating ensure low losses in the distribution of heat. Due to these features, it can be perfectly combined with renewable sources of energy as heat pumps and solar energy.

Healthy & hygienic room climate
The underfloor heating is a hygienic heating, because due to the even heat distribution, mold and mites do not spread. Those suffering from house-dust allergy or asthma can breathe again: low air circulation whirls up little dust.

Quality made in Germany
GreenLine underfloor heating is produced in Germany. The underfloor heating system is based on the well-known German Jupiter heating system. We offer over 20 years of experience in the production of underfloor heating.

  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0,040 W/mK
  • Thermal resistance 0,75 m² K/W
  • Compressive strength 140 kPa
  • Nominal weight (kg/m2) from 10 kg/m² (depending on load distribution layer & floor covering)