Merriott: Touch Temperature LST  


The LST (Low Surface Temperature) cover is as safe as a radiator cover it comes. It’s ideal for spaces where children, the elderly and vulnerable people frequent from ordinary homes, to schools to healthcare facilities.

The LST utilises the UK’s most efficient panel radiator; our 3rd generation Primo range. This range delivers the required output along with a safe-to-touch surface temperature. Partnered with the panel radiator, the LST complies with the NHS Estates Guidelines and does not exceed a touch temperature of 43 ºC, meaning nobody will get hurt around it.

We offer the LST in a variety of different styles, and they come in horizontal and vertical models. Wall mounted, freestanding or with an elevated bottom, the choice is yours.

Also in the range are our continuous wall-to-wall LSTs with internal and/or external corner pieces. Wall measurements are to be submitted to our technical sales departments who will then make necessary modifications to cater for your building’s blueprint.

  • Height(s) 350mm
  • Length(s) 700mm-3000mm
  • Colour(s) White RAL 9016
  • Material(s) Steel
  • Output(s) 99W-7611W