Merriott: SMART Style Radiant Panel  


Primarily suited to applications which require large free-hanging sails, the SMART Style radiant panel is lightweight, ridged and available in 30 metre long strips to give your ceiling full coverage.

The striking linear design boast architectural excellence and can be customised to accommodate any commercial environment. Because of the versatility of the SMART panels, it makes them ideal for heating and cooling in any application including classrooms, commercial spaces, healthcare wards, large sports arenas, aircraft hangars, train depots and even industrial facilities.

With a choice of over 200 RAL colours to pick from, you also have the option to incorporate lights, sprinklers, vents and audio visuals to your radiant panel!

  • Width(s) 300mm-1200mm
  • Depth(s) 50mm
  • Maximum working pressure (bar) 10 Bar
  • Maximum water temperature (ºC) 120°C
  • Colour(s) White RAL 9016