Design by QRL Adagio: Adagio  


Whether you're looking for a horizontal or vertical design for your room setting, the Adagio - with its modern twist on the traditional column radiator - will add that something special to your home. As well as being a high-performance radiator, keeping you and your home warm, its clean lines and smooth finish make the Adagio a stunning focal point for any room!


  • Colour(s) Available in over 180 RAL colours
  • Height(s) Available in one standard height for horizontal - 600mm.
  • Height(s) Available in two heights for Vertical - 1800mm and 2000mm.
  • Length(s) Available in five lengths for horizontal - 630mm to 1995mm.
  • Length(s) Available in five Widths for Vertical - 320mm to 840mm.
  • Type/variant options Available in Single and Double options
  • Guarantee Full 10-Year Warranty
  • * Manufactured and tested to EN 442