Blueprint for quality

As one would expect from Knud Holscher, this design-registered product features a perfectly balanced combination of materials. Behind d line’s stunning aesthetics is an extreme practicality that thrills designers and builders alike.

How will you incorporate the d line railing system into your next project?

With its distinctive baluster posts, structural glass railing and versatile handrail system, d line gives you plenty of options. Available in high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316 quality, d line is manufactured to the highest standards for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Baluster railing system
    • Turn glass panels into a seemingly uninterrupted glass surface. Excellent quality, ultimate modularity and timeless aesthetics, with no visible screws to spoil the look.
  • Structural glass railing system
    • The Blok Easy Glass uses a vertical metal block to attach the glass to the wall. With its brushed and glass bead blasted finish, the block adds another dimension to the stainless steel railing system.
  • Handrail systems
    • Notice its complete modularity, and see how cleverly the handrail can be formed for any angle. Notice, also, what you don’t see. Thanks to an innovative secret fix between brackets and handrail, connections are both seamless and invisible.