Q-lights - led lighting for balustrades  


Light is one of the most effective ways to touch people’s emotions. It can totally change the way you feel about a place. Q-lights Spotlight and Q-lights Linear Light are two exceptional LED lighting product lines. They put an exciting palette of light effects at your disposal.

Atmosphere and safety

The Q-lights system not only brings atmosphere to your balustrade installation, it also improves safety. It is fully compatible with multiple baluster post railings, glass balustrades and handrails from Q-railing, making it a highly versatile system.

Q-lights Spotlight

With Q-lights Spotlight you can add a sequence of attractively spaced lights to a balustrade. Q-lights Linear Light, by contrast, will give you a continuous stream of ambient light. Q-lights Spotlight is for installation in round stainless steel handrails. The individual lights bathe the walkway with a clear light exactly where it
is needed. All of the system’s handrail brackets, handrail adapters and wall flanges are fitted with cable ducts. That means the cable will be completely hidden from view, whether it has to go through a wall or through a post.

Q-lights Linear Light

Q-lights Linear Light, on the other hand, comes with linear LED strips that give a continuous stream of light. The effect is dramatic. You have a choice of warm white light, cold white light or RGB-coloured light. The LED strips can be integrated into cap rails mounted on glass, and cap rails serving as handrails. 

The Linear Light system is extremely versatile. It can even be incorporated into the Easy Glass Juliet balcony MOD 6507-6508, and includes a cladding for the Easy Glass Pro top-mounted base shoe.