Easy Glass Up - glass railing for parapet walls  


Want to upgrade the parapet wall round a terrace, balcony or walkway with an unobtrusive glass railing? Easy Glass Up is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that gives you maximum transparency and excellent safety.

The brand-new Easy Glass Up system lets you create near-invisible glass railings for the top of parapet walls. Its base shoe is ultra-slender at just 80 mm high, so there is nothing to interrupt the view. It’s perfect in combination with an Edge Protection profile on top of the glass. This way the railing will barely draw attention to itself.

Straightforward installation

Easy Glass Up glass railings install in no time, thanks to the lightweight, easily positioned base shoe, and the ingenious Safety Wedge system for glass mounting. In fact, the whole process can be carried out from within the parapet wall, so there is absolutely no need for scaffolding.

Proven safety

When you are installing a railing, safety is the top priority. Easy Glass Up has been successfully tested against multiple national building norms, including BS 6180. With infills of 800 mm (the maximum height), an Up glass railing can withstand line loads of 0.74 kN/m.


Great design

The Easy Glass Up glass railing system includes a top-mount base shoe, matching end caps and rubber sets for different glass thicknesses. The base shoe can be custom-bent for extra design freedom. Its base profile is crafted in high-grade aluminium, and thanks to the powder coating RAL 9006, there is no need for cladding.


  • Minimalist: A slimline base shoe that maximizes the view
  • Straightforward: Quick, easy installation inside the parapet - no scaffolding required
  • Safe: Resists linear line loads of 0.74 kN/m with glass 16.76 mm thick and 800 mm high
  • Flexible: Suitable for glass 12 mm to 17.52 mm thick and up to 800 mm high
  • Individual: Can be finished with a cap rail, u-profile or Edge Protection profile; also combinable with the LED system Q-lights Linear Light