Easy Glass Max - glass railing with the strongest base shoe ever  



Designed for heavy to extremely heavy use, both indoors and outdoors, The Easy Glass Max glass railing delivers maximum strength with minimum weight. Robust as it is, the glass railing system has a light
and minimalistic look making for unobstructed views. That makes it the ultimate system for locations with high wind speeds and for buildings that receive intensive use such as sport stadiums, railway stations and airports.

This glass railing system makes a stunning addition to any public area, creating a sense of space and light wherever it is installed. And with a choice of 4 different base shoe types, all ultra-strong yet lightweight, Easy Glass Max can go just about anywhere.

In addition to standard base shoes for regular top and fascia mounting situations, the Easy Glass Max range includes special F and Y-shaped base shoes. The F is for top mounting directly onto or even over the edge of a balcony floor. And the Y lets you fascia mount a glass balustrade onto the edge of a concrete slab,
exactly at your finished floor height, hiding the edges of a screed floor. Naturally, the system complies with safety and building regulations worldwide.

Easy Glass Max key features:

  • Suitable for use in high-demand public areas
  • Installs easily - no welding required
  • A choice of 4 different base shoes
  • LED lighting options available for cap rails (with Q-lights Linear Light) and glass-mounted handrails (with both Q-lights Spotlight and Linear Light)