Easy Glass Hybrid: the clearest answer to balconies - glass and baluster railing in one  


Easy Glass Hybrid is Q-railing’s lightest glass railing system and perfectly suitable for balcony situations. It is highly adaptable and designed for both ease of installation and low maintenance.

Different span widths

The Easy Glass Hybrid system allows you to create either glass railings or posted baluster railings, making it suitable for a wide variety of architectural settings. Using the larger of the two cap rails, a completely baluster-free railing spanning up to 2.5 metres can be installed between walls. For longer balustrades, slender baluster posts can be added.

Ultimate ease of installation

The installation of Easy Glass Hybrid does not require anchors – only standard rawl plugs and screws. Even without prefabrication, the whole installation process takes just 20-25 minutes per linear metre. That includes the positioning of the glass, thanks to Easy Glass Hybrid’s unique Safety Wedge system.

Surfaces and finishes for every situation

The Easy Glass Hybrid system is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines an aluminium profile with steel baluster posts. These come with either RAL 7047 powder coating or Q-railing’s new e-coating, which is ready for custom powder coating. Why not colour-coordinate your baluster posts and connectors with other architectural features, such as doors and window frames? 

Hybrid features

The strength of Easy Glass Hybrid comes from its precise design and combination of its durable cap rails and slimline base shoe, just 43 mm high, both made of high-grade aluminium. The system can be reinforced with super-strong yet elegant 12 mm wide posts.

Key specs:

  • Perfectly suitable for balconies
  • Lightweight aluminium base shoe
  • Mountable with or without posts
  • Top and fascia mount
  • No anchors required for the installation - plugs and screws only
  • LED lighting options available for cap rails (with Q-lights Linear Light)
  • Designed for light to medium use
  • For indoor and outdoor