Easy Glass base glass clamps - glass railing system  



There are times when you need to make a big statement. For some of your projects, choosing a base with a distinctive and unconventional shape will be exactly the right thing to do. The base glass clamps in the Easy Glass range guarantee a unique and eye-catching look.

Easy Glass base glass clamps are intended for light and medium use in applications such as pedestrian control, poolside barriers and wind breaks. They are designed to be maintenance free, and the highly distinctive surface-mounted elements deliver proven strength. Suitable locations include private residences and light commercial properties.

The Easy Glass MOD 61 is sleek and smooth, while the Easy Glass MOD 62 is characterised
by sharp lines and square forms. The Easy Glass MOD 6000 base glass clamp and its more robust cousin, the Easy Glass MOD 6400, have a flawless appearance. No screws are visible on their surfaces. Combine them with your choice of Q-railing cap rail, handrail or Edge Protection profiles for an end result that is in perfect harmony.

Key features Easy Glass base glass clamps

  • No visible screws to distract the eye
  • MOD 6000 comes with a built-in spirit level for easy levelling
  • Matching base cover caps available for MOD 61 and MOD 62
  • LED lighting options available for cap rails (with Q-lights Linear Light) and glass-mounted handrails (with both Q-lights Spotlight and Linear Light)