Pyroguard: SMOKEGUARD  



Smokeguard is a glass smoke barrier solution which can help to direct smoke as part of a smoke control system and keep toxic fumes at bay long enough to allow members of the public to exit the building safely, minimising the risk of smoke inhalation, injury and death.

Rigorously tested against rapidly increasing temperatures in accordance with British and European safety standards BS 7346 and EN 12101-1, Smokeguard controls the movement of smoke and is certified for 20 minute applications. It is ideal for use as a passive safety solution for large public spaces such as shopping centres, museums and transport hubs.


  • Significant cost reductions compared to mechanical smoke curtains
  • Zero maintenance
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Suitable for large public spaces with options for larger sizes
  • Specialist shapes, finishes and cut outs available



  • Available in 8mm thickness
  • Internal use
  • Single glazing
  • Steel application as a smokescreen

  • * Toughened
  • * Bespoke solution
  • * Monolithic composition
  • * Glazed alternative to mechanical smoke curtains
  • * Large sizes available
  • * Slim stainless steel brackets, slim glass profile
  • * Options for screen printing, acid etching, manifestations and shapes/cut-outs
  • * UV stable