Eurocondense Five  


  • Five boiler outputs ranging from 125kW to 300kW as a single boiler and 430kW, 520kW and 600kW using a duo cascade kit to meet the heat requirements in all sizes of building
  • Efficiency up to 106.6% net (up to 95% gross) making maximum use of the energy it uses
  • Lightweight aluminium heat exchanger for reliable, highly efficient heat transfer
  • 6:1 modulation ratio to meet variable heating requirements, ensuring optimum energy efficiency and running costs
  • Top mounted hydraulic and flue connections which are easier to connect and require less space for working access
  • Compact dimensions and small footprint means less space is needed for installation
  • Supplied with LMS 14 (with Modbus Interface) for connection to building Management System via BACnet or KNX

At this link you can find all the technical information: