Power Bollards  


Pop Up Power Supplies® provides outdoor power supply solutions to a wide range of outdoor events. 

The company’s retractable services supply units, In ground power units and retractable bollards provide an efficient electricity supply for any outside event.

The range of stainless steel Power Bollards provide electricity, water and air supply to public spaces.   There are four types of retractable bollards; Parc Paris Supply Bollard, Domed Top Supply Bollard, Button Top Supply Bollard and Sloped Top Supply Bollard, and are available in 3 standard diameters; 250mm, 325mm and 500mm.  Each rising power distribution unit is made of AISI 304 stainless steel AISI 316 with a plate thickness of 2mm and an internal fixing system.

Standard configurations for each steel bollard pop up electrical socket include 2, 4, 6 or 8 CEE sockets, with a rating of 16 or 32A and a maximum protection of 125A.  Importantly, each retractable bollard complies with regulations EN 60947-1 and EN 60439-1-2-3.

Pop Up Power Supplies®' rising power supply energy towers provide legacy for special-purpose stadiums. 

The company has worked with clients throughout the UK providing efficient, outdoor pop up plug sockets in busy public areas.  In a recent project retractable service units were installed at Wembley Arena Square – a world famous venue hosting events such as international football matches, music concerts, and business conferences/exhibitions.

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