In-Ground Units  


Pop Up Power Supplies provide In-Ground Units (IGUs), or Flip Top Power Units, which provide round-the-clock power for days, weeks or even months on end.  One of the main advantages of the Flip Lid Power Unit is that it minimises the potential for damage owing to vandalism and harsh weather because it operates unattended with the lid locked down, with only the power cable protruding.

In ground power units can be used in smaller spaces to supply electricity and telephone connection. They have a double locking lid and can be operated with lid locked down. The lids are raised manually and are gas strut assisted.

Each retractable telescopic feeder pillar is manufactured from high grade mild steel, hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461.  Sizes range from 250mm to 750mm deep and offer either a single or three-phase incoming power supply.  They can be used to supply electricity, water, gas and telephone.

Flip Lid Power Units have recessed covers to accept paving, which are also tested unfilled to FACTA class B loading – pedestrian precincts, forecourts, commercial delivery and parking areas.

Pop Up Power Supplies supply retractable service units that provide electricity, water and air supply to public spaces ranging from historic sites and market places to town squares and parks. 

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