PopUpPowerSupplies ® Limited

PopUpPowerSupplies ® Limited

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PO Box 1447 Ilford Essex IG2 6XU

Tel: 020 8227 0208

Pop Up Power Supplies® offer a range of outdoor Retractable Utility Points which supply electricity, water and data points to public places and urban spaces.

The power units are available in the form of Pop Up Power Units, In-Ground or Flip Lid Units, and Power Bollards.  These retractable telescopic feeder pillars are ideal for various outdoor spaces such as town centres, markets, heritage sites, festivals, universities, sports stadiums, urban areas, holiday park sites, and park areas.

Pop Up Power Supplies® work closely with architects, town planners, developers, specifiers, stadium designers, festival organisers, contractors and other industry professionals.  We can provide technical data, product information, design ideas and more, and are able to advise on a suitable pop up power unit for your project.

Our range of pop up power sockets are preferred among architects, town centre planners, local councils and market organisers due to their retractable nature.  When they are needed they are raised out of the ground and provide a safe, secure and reliable outdoor power source, and when they are not needed they are simply lowered back into the ground.  The In-Ground / Flip Lid Units can even be operated with the lid locked down, making them a popular choice for town centre areas.

The lids for the pop up power units are also recessed meaning they can accommodate various infills and can match the surface finish to its environment.  So when they are lowered into the ground you wouldn’t even notice they are there.

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Outdoor power units by Pop Up Power Supplies enable greater utilisation of the external spaces around heritage buildings


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Powering a safe, sustainable future for Britain’s heritage buildings.