GenieMat TMIP  


GenieMat TMIP (Treadmill Isolation Pads) are a mix of vibration isolators made from a superior combination of vibration damping materials.

By combining ultra high-performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding vibration isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment.

Vibration pads are available for any treadmill application. Vibration isolation efficiencies up to 99% and over 40dB noise reduction are commonly achieved, eliminating noise transfer into other areas.

GenieMat TMIP (Treadmill Isolation Pads) are inherently non-slip. For other special applications please consult us

  • Fuel Resistance excellent
  • Noise level (dBa) 40dB noise reduction
  • Size 5 x 7" - Rear Mounts 5 x 18" - Front Mounts
  • Thickness 2"