Pilkington energiKare™ Advantage  


For applications requiring an optimised Ug value we introduce a new concept for the ultimate in thermal efficiency. 

By combining Pilkington K Glass™ OW on Surface 4* of an IGU with Pilkington Optitherm™ S1 Plus ultra low-emissivity glass on Surface 2** a very low Ug-value of 0.9 W/m²K can be achieved. Put simply you get triple performance with only two panes of glass! 

Pilkington K Glass™ OW has always been the ideal choice for clarity. As an advanced form of the original Pilkington K Glass™ it provides better light transmission and allows in more free heat from the sun to enable householders to reduce energy usage and save money on heating bills. 

* the exterior surface of the inside pane 
** the interior surface of the outside pane 

  • Dimensions Bespoke sizes in glazing units, max sizes dependent manufacturing capabilities
  • Thickness 4mm and 6mm thick.
  • Colour(s) Clear / neutral
  • U-value As low as 0.9 W/m2K.
  • Suitability/use Thermal insulation in double-glazed units for homes and conservatories