Slimline Indirect -RI: Slimline  


The Slimline is the slimmest domestic cylinder available at only 430mm diameter, making the cylinder ideal for installation in tight spaces. The cylinder has a large heating coil for fast heating and also back-up electric heating from an immersion heater. Low heat loss comes from OSO ECO Foam insulaton. High flow rates provide powerful showers.

The cylinder is floor mounted and is supplied with a wall bracket to stabilize the unit. An external expansion vessel is supplied with its own wall bracket.

Slimline is simple to fit and follows a similar installation techniquw to the OSO renewable and PowerCyl cylinders. A dedicated secondary return is supplied as standard.

Heating coils in OSO cylinders are made of smooth coil that will not encourage limescale deposits and offer longer and more efficient life than finned or rippled coils.

OSO coils have increased length compared to finned coils, carry more heating fluid and therefore have a greater heat transfer capacity.