OSO Eco: Ecoline Indirect  


The Ecoline is an indirect high performance unvented cylinder with all the quality you expect from OSO but at a competative price point. Ecoline has been designed to operate with any central heating boiler - the cylinder can interact with the boiler either by traditional thermosta or resistance thermistor.

Ecoline issupplied with a dog leg coil that reaches all the way to the bottom of the cylinder and heats the entire water content. Many other cylinders have "staright-through" coils that will not heat the bottom 15% - 20% of the cylinder.

Manufactured from high grad stainless steel, and carrying a 25 year guarantee, the OSO Ecoline cylinder has wide appeal through competitive pricing coupled with a host of product advantages.

The cylinder boasts very low heat losses through use of the latest generation of foam insulation. The heat loss performance, which is considerably better than most competitors, is achieved using the latest technology in foam insulation and not only saves householders on their energy bills, but also assists housebuilders to achieve ever more stringent energy efficiency requirements.

Econline is extremely compact. With a diameter of 580 mm, cylinder heights are typically 20-30cm lower than rival units, enabling more room in the cylinder cupboard to create airing space.