OSO Delta Twin Coil: DTC  




The Delta Twin Coil is a purpose-designed solar ready cylinder, providing high solar input from the large solar heating coil and substantial Dedicated Solar Volume. DTC combines carbon free water heating with market leading heat retention, through use of vacuum Insulation Panels, giving an ErP B rating. DTC has back-up heating with an upper coil for connection to a boiler. High performance fully flooded design, with expansion vessel supplied with cylinder.

DTC is the most energy efficient solar cylinder available. Heat losses are very slightly higher than the standard Delta due to the additional connections required for solar cylinders.

OSO Solar cylinders are able to provide up to 60% of annual domestic hot water requirements from free solar energy caputred by roof panel collectors.

Solar installations using DTC can be eligible for government backed Renewable Heat Incentive. OSO solar cylinders are ideal for connection with all types of solar collectors and should be connected with a differential controller to complete a high performance system. Both are supplied with twin bosses and dry pockets at low and high levels for insertion of temperature sensor probes. Expansion vessel supplied.