Maxi Standard : 17RE (SE) - direct electric  


Maxi Standard provides hot water through direct heating, integrated in the Maxi Standard's electric box(es). The electric effect can be delivered up to 100kW, in one or more electric boxes. The electric box is fully built in and insulated.

The pressire vessel is manufactured in stainless steel (up to 1.000 litres) and is designed for pressures of up to 10 bar. The cold water inlet kit, mixing valve kit (if required) and the parallel/series connection kits are assembled directly on the units' front. Contact your supplier for more information regarding the kits.

Electric immersion heaters are fitted according to customer's specification, in single or three phase supply. High outputs are available. Immersion elements are controlled by independent thermostats each with an individual safety cut-out. Safety relief valve (P&T) 10bar/99oC is included.